EKS Series - Hydraulic Servo Energy Saving Injection Moulding Machine

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BOLE EKS SERVO – EKS Hydraulic Servo Energy Saving Injection Moulding Machine

More than 60 technical upgrading in terms of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, software and assembling process.


  • Structural rigidity increased by 30% with more than 60 technical innovations, excellent perfonmance reaches to Europen standards.


  • Mold open&close positioning accuracy : ±0,5mm.
  • Injection positioning accuracy : ± 0,2mm.
  • Injection weight accuracy : 3%


  • After sample survey, we conclude BOLE central clamping togglee design can save 2-5% material for 80% of customers mold, comparing to traditional edge clamping toggle design.


  • Intelligent networking management system March into industry 4.0, opening a new era of intelligent factories. High perfonmance PLC of MMI, which getting information of robot, mold temperature controller, cooling water, machine accessories, etc, realize data interaction, wireless networking management system. Besides, PC or cell phone terminal can always tell machine information, process parameters, operation status, failure situation and product analysis at a glance. Order dispatched by computer, which aims to working efficiency maximization, better product planning and operation control, production efficiency improvement. Meanwhile, we provides EMS data Exchange terminal, making it possible to automate the whole line of factory.

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