MK Series - Multiple Injection Moulding Machine

BOLE MK SERIES - Wide Platen Multiple Injection Moulding Machine

With excellent performance and quality, BOLE MK series multiple IMM will better meet the demand of automobile, household appliances, Daily necessities, food packing and toy industries for their appearance and personalized designand will help custumers improve their core competitiveness.


  • Muld open & close positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Injection weight accuracy: 3%。


  • The injection moulding progress is set according to the characteristics of product to ensure product quality

03.Energy Saving

  • Hydraulic servo system has advantages of saving energy, protecting environment and high control accuracy.


  • After sample survey, BOLE central clamping toggle design can save 2-5% material for 80% of customers mold (comparing to Customer's molds clamping toggle design).

High precision linear guide rail

  • The movable platen is supported by linear guide with high accuracy and intensity in cooperation with sliding shoes, the friction of the linear guide is low (f=0.2 with traditional sliding shoes, f=0.004 with linear guade), so that the movement of the platen is smoother and steadier, and the control precision is higher and energy consumption is lower.
  • The linear guide with Rolling friction needs less lubrication which can avoid the splashing of the lubricating oil and maket he machine more clean and tidy.
  • Linear guide with high intensity can help avoid the swing and tilt of the mold during the movement to protect the mold.

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