DK Series - Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine

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Operate independently to ensure German quality and present European perfonmance perfectly.

01. Break-resisting tie bar

  • Less stress for weak point tie bar, there is almost no risk of fracture. High overload and bending resisted tie bar.

02. High precision & rigidity linear rail

  • DK series two platen machines adopt high precision and high rigidity linear guide coordinates with siliding foot to support movable platen, guaranteening high positioning precision of movable platen and faster opening and closing speed. Without the problem of splashing lıbrication oil, the performance of whole machine gets further impovement.

03. High efficieny German designed plasticising system

  • Orginate from German design Plasticizing System, efficiency excess above 20% of domestic level.
  • Custom made complicated technical requirement, applied to special plasticizing system.
  • All series can fit with A/B/C screw, L/D ratio 23:1, to achive the best plasticizing effect and efficiency.

04. Vertical placed motors & pumps

  • The motor is placed vertically, reducing the footprint. At the same time, the influence of the eccentic load coused by the gravity of the rotor of the motor is reduced, and the motor is more stable.

05. Fast, stable and impact-free locking system

  • Fast, smooth, quiet, more effective lock nut to protect tie bar and nut itself, prolong equipment lifetime.

06. Synchrınized ejection (core) movement

  • Simultaneous eject (core pulling) functions as standard, improve machine cycle efficiency.

07. Special injection cyclinder design

  • The new injection cylinder has extremely low oil return resistance and cooperates with the frame structure of the linear guide to reduce the friction of the injection part and greatly improve the control precision of the injection unit.

08. Equal stress on each teeth

  • Equal stress on each teeth, longer life time for locking nuts.

09. Independent oil filter and cooling system

  • Very compact and less space occupation. Stabilize the entire oil temperature without any other interruption, such as cycle time and other working elements.

10. Stable feding zone temperature

  • The temperature of the lower feed port is incorporated into the closed-loop control of the temperature unit, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of the entire injection unit. Avoiding the influence of unloading agglomeration and misalignment, the injection molding precision is low.

11. Injection pressure sensor

  • The injection pressure is always fed back and the injection curve allows the customer to adjust the product process more conveniently.

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