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Central Clamping Structure, Invention Patent in China

01.High Utilization of Clamping Force

  • After sample survey, clamping force e­ciency of BOLE central clamping toggle design can reach 100%. Clamping force e­ciency of traditional edge clamping force only can reach 80-85%.

02.Material Saving

  • BOLE central clamping toggle design can save 2-5% material for 80% of customers mould (comparing to customer’s molds traditional clamping toggle design)

03.High Accuracy Less Possibility of Flash

  • Repetitive positioning accuracy of mold opening&closing: ± 1 mm.
  • Product weight repetitive accuracy: ‑ 0,5%.
  • Less possibility of flash and save flash trim process.

04.Offer Better Protection For Molds and Platens

  • The latest design of clamping structure, averaged force and less distortion for mould platen. Precise low-pressure function for mould closing, proportional pressure control, iso-stress mould platen design, to extend mould life.

05.Bigger Opening Stroke
Central clamping structure can provide bigger opening stroke & ejector stroke than other brands’ stroke and can install larger molds easier (Especially for deep cavity working condition)

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