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Plastic Systems Storage System ( Silo Serisi )

Plastic Systems can place its know-how, service, technical consultation, engineering and software skills at the service of the design of storage and pneumatic conveyance systems for plastic material and additives in granule/powder.

The aluminium modular structure is a convenient and flexible solution to reduce transport costs. The safe and sealed assembly of the structure is ensured by L-shapes flanges mounted with stainless steel screws and an external liquid gasket.
Modular silos are ideal for outdoor installation and are usually placed on concrete platforms of suitable size.
All our silos are manufactured according to the DIN 4149 standards.
Structural stability is based on loads and stresses in compliance with the DIN 1055 standards.
All silos are welded with the vertical axis technique, that ensures the verticality of the cylinder.
The size of the silo depends of daily consumptions; however, a minimum capacity equal to the load of a tanker plus 30% is recommended.


  • Silo with a capacity of between 150 and 400 m3
  • Silo management through the Plastic Systems Supervisor.
  • Material level monitoring through radar, cable radar or load cells.
  • Silos are made of Aluminium AlMg2 5454, accessories are made of AlMgSi0.5 alloy 6060, nuts and bolts and joints are made of AISI stainless steel, while the support structure and its fastening accessories are made of galvanised steel.


  • Storage spaces reduction
  • Raw material and handling cost reduction
  • Plastic material waste reduction.

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