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BOLE EKW SERİSİ – Injection Moulding Machine


By sampling test, the application of the latest servo system technology fort he sama tonnage model to do the same product, under the same condition, Bole machines save 15% at least than the traditional servo energy saving machine;

It is recommended to choose the latest electric charging solution onto Bole. Fort he same tonnage model, the energy consumption of charging unit can save more than 35%, and the energy consumption of the whole machine can save more than 15%.


Precision control adopts the latest hydraulic oil circuit design & patent intelligent software control. The repeat precision of opening/losing mold position reach ±0.5 mm;

Injection unit adopts linear guide rail & special cylinder with low oil return resistance & patent intelligent software control, and the repeat accuracy of injection weight reach 0.2% according to the inernational standart GB/T25156-2020.


By sampling test, Bole central clamping structure can save 2-5% raw materials for more than 80% of molds. For example, using the same mold with the same amount of raw materials to do 100 pcs, Bole machşne can produce 102-105 pcs.

With German design plasticizing unit, plasticizing efficiency is greater, saving the charging time.

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