Trimm-VB Series - Servo Injection Moulding Machine

TRIMM Catalog

Within the scrope of Favori Grup, which has 25 years of industry knowledge experience, the TRIMM injection molding machine, whose R&D and investment studies started towards the end of 2021, has completed all its tests and entered mass production as of 2023.


  • Traditional clamping unit type used in injection molding machines for many year.
  • Platens have both T-slots and bolt holes for setup the mold. In this way, ease of use is ensured as needed.
  • Stylish looking, easy to use automatic lubrication system. Designed by Turkish engineers.
  • Reliable production with Ultra-high rigid platens.
  • Accurace, rigid production with hydraulic blocks and the entire hydraulic system designed by Turkish engineers and produced in Türkiye.
  • Hydraulic parts from famous internatioanal manufacturers, ensure machine with reliable performance.
  • High precision hydraulic block and valve system designed by Turkish engineers.
  • Automatic lubrication system designed and developed by Turkish engineers, providing long-lasting use and high working efficiency.
  • The central lock clamping structure provides bigger opening & ejector stroke and provide install larger mold opportunity.
  • Repetitive positioning accuracy of molf opening&closing: ±1 mm
  • Product weight repetitive accuracy ≤ %0,5
  • Less possibility of flash and save flash trim process
  • Hydraulic block and valve system designed by Turkish engineers, working with high efficiency and precision
  • Electrical cabinet comform to GB,CE, UL, KCS or other safety standards
  • EST controller is standard

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