Stretch Blow Molding Machine


  • Infrared heating tubes combined with rotary design ensures extremely uniform heating for PET preforms, rendering superior molding performance and minimizing product defect rates.
  • Heating zones can be adjusted to meet production variations.
  • Heating tubes are adjustable in upward/downward and forward/backward directions to suit various preform sizes and shapes.
  • Full-time stabilized heating system. Heating temperature and speed are adjustable according to sizes and features of preforms.
  • The stretch shaft is located on the mold center for convenient operation and adjustment and rigid structure. Superior air tightness for high-pressure blowing upgrades molding performance.
  • Consistent operation, minimal trouble and easy maintenance.
  • Offers two functions in a single machine by simply changing the mold from single to double cavity mold. (PK2PSB)
  • Requires little floor space, suitable for small to middle size factories.


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