Accumulative Blow Molding Machine

PK-CI series

  • Single Station
  • Single Head
  • Production Volume:10L~260L
  • Specialize for the PE/PP/PC/Nylon

PK-CTSI series

  • Double Station
  • Single Head
  • Production Volume:10L~60L
  • Specialize for the PE/PP/Nylon

PK-CSI series

  • Single Station
  • Single Head
  • Production Volume:10L~30L
  • Specialize for the PE/PP/PC/Nylon


  • HMI Touch Screen, Incorporating with PLC system (Optional Siemens/B&R Control) for easy maintenance.
  • The plasticizing screw and barrel are precision machined from special nitrogen treated steel for maximum temperature and heat resistance.
  • Water cooling technology controls feed zone temperature.
  • Hydraulically controlled blow-pin with cooler circulation.
  • The accumulator head blow molding machine is especially suited to molding large volume capacity containers. (ex. L-Ring Drum, Open Top Drum, Jerry Cans, Water Tanks, Outdoor Parts, Pallets, Automotive etc.), range from 10 to 260 litres.


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